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Using truly innovative, first-of-its-kind monopolar radiofrequency technology, truSculpt® iD destroys fat pockets around your body, resulting in tighter skin and a loss of inches. Producing therapeutic levels of heat that melt fat and tighten skin, truSculpt® iD is especially effective at reducing the circumference of problem areas such as the arms, stomach, and side. While you may not have heard of truSculpt yet, fat freezing in Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park and Edmonton has become a popular body contouring treatment; In contrast, fat freezing produces some noticeable results; trusculpt® iD goes above and beyond. The overall results of truSculpting exceed those of fat freezing most significantly through the use of a handheld, free-moving applicator. Traditional body contouring and sculpting, such as the fat freezing method, utilize stationary pads applied to a single hand-sized area of the body at one time, resulting in more expensive, time-consuming, and possibly uneven results. There are several benefits of truSculpt® iD over any other body sculpting treatment; book a consultation today to learn more.



Advanced vs Outdated Technology

truSculpt® iD represents a gigantic leap in terms of technology. Utilizing monopolar focused radiofrequency, truSculpt® iD allows our technicians to target specific areas and treat more than one area at a time using a free-moving applicator. VS Fat freezing uses the technology of Cryolipolysis, which is much less effective than that of the monopolar radiofrequency. In addition, fat freezing uses hand-sized stationary pads that can only treat one area at a time.


7x Shorter: 15 Minute Treatments

truSculpt® iD treatment times are roughly 15 minutes per area, which means we can treat up to 4 sections in a single hour-long appointment. The best thing about truSculpt® is that you’ll see results after a single application. VS Fat freezing can take up to 105 minutes to treat the same size area. Because multiple sessions are necessary to achieve the same results, fat freezing methods can also incur additional expenses.



Pain-Free vs Uncomfortable Treatments

truSculpt® iD allows for an ultra-comfortable and convenient experience. Because the treatment is virtually pain-free, you don’t have to worry about setting aside time for recovery. Most recipients of truSculpt® iD describe the sensation as similar to receiving a hot stone massage. VS While a thin gel pad is placed on the skin during the treatment to prevent frostbite, the cooling sensation and suction-based applicator may cause some discomfort. Following the procedure, the area is massaged to bring the skin back to room temperature. Most patients find this process uncomfortable.


No Downtime vs Uneven Results "Shark Bites"

There are virtually no adverse effects of truSculpt® iD, which means that you can try the treatment risk-free. With zero downtime and an easy application, it’s no wonder hundreds of women are turning to Skin Effect to experience the fast and reliable results of truSculpt® iD. VS One of the most noticeable effects of fat freezing is the often uneven look of the treated skin. While truSculpt® iD creates a smooth, even surface, fat freezing can look like a block or unnatural due to the nature of the applicator. Fat freezing may also result in numbness and nerve pain following the treatment.


Safe For Anywhere vs Limited Treatment Zones

Because the applicator is flexible, handheld, and free-moving, truSculpt® iD can target multiple areas, including hard-to-reach spots; you can try truSculpt® iD on the chin arms, stomach, love handles, thighs, knees, back, and glutes. VS The fat-freezing applicator is more cumbersome than truSculpt® iD, making it challenging to target smaller and hard-to-reach areas like the chin, arms, and underarms. Fat-freezing is only effective on the stomach, thighs, and glutes.


It's More Than Just Contouring 

The heat of the monopolar radiofrequency technology encourages collagen growth in the treated area. Collagen is the protein responsible for strengthening, smoothing, and tightening skin, which means truSculpt® iD offers the added benefit of skin tightening. VS Fat freezing utilizes Cryolipolysis technology, which eliminates fat cells through freezing but does not stimulate collagen production like truSculpt® iD does. As a result, fat freezing is only effective at reducing inches and not firming or tightening the skin.


Anyone Can Benefit from truSculp iD

We believe that body contouring should be available to everyone, but before truSculpt® iD, it wasn’t. Fat freezing treatments are generally only effective at targeting a BMI under 30, but there are no limits to truSculpt® iD. VS One of the most significant drawbacks of fat freezing technology is that it is only effective at targeting individuals with a BMI of less than 30. This limitation makes fat freezing unavailable for several men and women.


truSculpting is Proven More Effective

The highest reduction Skin Effect can achieve is UP TO 36% after only a single treatment application. VS Fat freezing results in permanent fat reduction, similar to truSculpt® iD. Their unlisted average percentages are very low. However, in a best-case scenario, only UP TO 20-22% is achieved after several treatments to the same area.
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