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"Taking joy in living is a women's best cosmetic"
-Rosalind Russell


Acne Blemishes

and Scarring



Even if you breeze through your teenage years with clear skin, you may develop acne when you’re an adult. Acne occurs when the oil (or sebaceous) glands under hair follicles – often on your face, neck, chest or back – get plugged up, inflamed and sometimes colonized with acne-promoting bacteria.


Frequently, the glands simply secrete too much sebum, which can block pores and create a breeding ground for bacteria. In mild cases of acne, whiteheads and blackheads (“comedones”), as well as some raised red blemishes, appear. In more severe cases, cysts and deep nodules form around inflamed follicles, causing larger bumps, which can painful.

Hormonal imbalances can play a role in adult acne. Sebum increases with hormonal fluctuations, such as those associated with menstrual cycles, pregnancy and menopause. If you think flare-ups are related to your period, ask your doctor about oral contraceptives, which regulate the release of monthly hormones and prevent imbalances that contribute to acne.

Stress, as well, can disturb sleep, which can compromise your body’s ability to heal. Adequately managing stress and quality of sleep can help contribute to healthy skin. Skin Effect Medical Aesthetics, Personalized skincare, Laser

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