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Laser Hair Removal

DiolazeXL offers the most effective hair removal treatment. This virtually painless treatment offers the gold standard wavelength to remove coarse hair and even the most stubborn hair follicles.

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DiolazeXL is an effective treatment for:

Unwanted Hair

Unwanted Hair


No matter what your hair removal needs may be, DiolazeXL is the perfect solution for you. With this technology at Skin Effect, you can experience permanent hair reductions without having to undergo time-consuming treatment sessions.
When it comes to the DiolazeXL technology, patient safety, speed and comfort are our top priorities. Our Diolaze treatment is one of the most advanced, high-speed laser hair removal techniques that can successfully and safely remove all your unwanted body hair.

"This place is amazing! I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to Ally (I suffer from facial hair due to PCOS)...I am so glad to have found this place! Ally is amazing, professional, kind & very caring! I had amazing results after the first treatment. I am excited to continue my treatment. I definitely recommend this place & they have the best prices too!"


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